A hour tour by floatplane flies through passes of the impressive Chigmit Mountains-incredible aerial viewing and photography of Mt. Redoubt to the backside of Double Glacier, concluding with a pass on the Cook Inlet flats to search for bears, moose and seals. Visit our rates and reservations page for prices.

Dick Proenneke’s cabin at Twin Lakes Tour in Lake Clark National Park

Dick Proenneke built this cabin on Twin Lakes in Lake Clark National Park by hand, and lived here for 30 years. His story inspired books and movies, including “One Man’s Wilderness” and “Alone in the Wilderness”. Dick Proenneke’s journals were the information source for the stories about his life, and show how even in “modern” times a simpler life is possible. Park Service personnel are available on site to answer your questions. The flight each way is one hour, and the flight path takes you either through scenic Lake Clark Pass, or over the majestic peaks of the upper Alaska Range.
Visit our rates and reservations page for prices.

What is a Critical Habitat Area?

The critical habitat area established at Redoubt Bay is to protect the millions of birds that migrate, nest and live in the area. It is the world’s only nesting ground for the Tule goose, a sub-species of the White-fronted goose. At least one-third of all birds recorded in Alaska can be viewed here. Ask to borrow a set of binoculars for bird viewing!

Photography Opportunities

Big River Lakes offers a spectacular setting for novice and professional wilderness and outdoor photographers. We offer periodic special wilderness photography classes at Redoubt Bay Lodge.

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