Alaska bear viewing provides an unparalleled opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring presence of wild bears against the stunning backdrop of the Last Frontier.  

Alaska bear viewingOur proximity to Cook Inlet, merely 7 miles away, brings the early run of sockeye salmon by June 1. This attracts a significant number of bears to our location, creating prime opportunities in June, July, and August to witness Alaska coastal brown bears with cubs and black bears. Bears are in our area until well after we close up the lodge each season on September 1.

We work to protect our resident bears and co-exist with them. Redoubt Bay Lodge offers a half day guided Alaska bear viewing tour with a trained naturalist guide who will take you for an up close and safe view of Alaska’s amazing bears. Viewing bears from a boat keeps our guests safe. We don’t intrude on the bears. They’re left to enjoy the freedom to fish and frolic at Wolverine Creek. We also offer one, two, and three day overnight packages that allow guests to slow down and relax and truly enjoy all of the wildlife viewing right here from the lodge. Guests may opt to stay for longer and in that case you should give us a call for rates.

Half Day, Guided Bear Viewing Prices:

With flight originating from Anchorage: $1055 per child – $1150 per adult

With flight originating from North Kenai: $770 per child – $785 per adult

The two kinds of bears we see in Southcentral Alaska are brown bears and black bears. Your chances are good you’ll see either type of bear, but Redoubt Bay Lodge is most noted for our resident brown bear population. At Redoubt Bay Lodge, most of the black bears will leave the mouth of Wolverine Creek early in the season when the brown bears move into the vicinity. Black bear are still visible around the lake on bogs.

Our Viewing Ethics

We ensure a respectful Alaska bear viewing experience by maintaining a safe distance from wildlife. We don’t need to utilize binoculars and spotting scopes for a close-up view because we are able to boat fairly close. You will get to take some amazing photos to remember the experience. Our guides always approach animals quietly and indirectly, providing them with an avenue for retreat. We seek to avoid actions that alter their behavior, such as using calls or devices. Harassing wildlife is illegal and unethical.

Trust your guide, who is trained in bear encounters. Follow their advice, whether it’s moving back or maintaining silence, for a responsible and enjoyable Alaska bear viewing experience. As mentioned, we view bear from a distance and we also have protocol if a bear enters camp. Maintaining our distance and following these viewing ethics are the main way we ensure your safety and ours.

Redoubt Bay Bear Facts

  • The Redoubt Bay Critical Habitat hosts one of the densest brown bear populations in the state.
  • We see bears earlier than some other popular places to view bears and they are around consistently through the summer well into fall.
  • Our bears are are visible all day and night.
  • Guests do not typically need binoculars or a spotting scope.  Usually our bears are seen close up from a safe distance.
  • Utilize our field guides. Many good field guides are available at the lodge to help identify mammals, birds, fish, and other fauna and flora. We’ve also created our own area guide. Knowing what you’re looking at greatly enhances your Alaska bear viewing, wildlife viewing and sightseeing experience.
Alaska bear viewing