Alaska Excursions with Redoubt Bay Lodge

Alaska excursions are the ultimate way to add adventure to your trip. Explore glaciers, encounter wildlife, and dive into immersive experiences like fishing and bear viewing. Whether you’re a nature lover, a thrill-seeker, or a fill me to the brim with experiences type of traveler, these excursions guarantee unforgettable memories in the heart of Alaska’s wild beauty.

Here is how it works:

Overnight guests of the lodge can choose up to three of our lodge based activities per 24 hour stay. These activities include salmon fishing, bear viewing, kayaking and sightseeing around Otter Lake in our Pontoon or Jon boats. We offer a variety of add on excursions for an extra charge such as flightseeing, glacier viewing, additional fishing locations, and a tour of the famous Dick Proenneke’s cabin.

At Redoubt Bay Lodge, our focus is on adventure and discovery, offering activities tailored to every interest. Explore the range of Alaska excursions we provide:

Home Based Adventures

Bear Viewing

Our trained naturalist guide will take you for an up close and safe view by boat of Alaska’s coastal brown bear and black bear. Our guests really don’t need binoculars to watch the bears. We can view them safely from a distance but still see them clearly. Redoubt Bay lodge is nestled on Otter Lake. We see the earliest concentration of bears in this part of Alaska because salmon arrive earlier since we are close to the coast. We have a thick concentration of bears that include both Coastal brown bears and black bear and they stick around from the first of June clear through after the lodge has closed for the season. Each year we have sows with multiple cubs.

Alaska excursionsFishing

Guided fishing on the lakes and rivers accessible from the lodge for sockeye or coho salmon is included in your stay. We furnish all the fishing gear and can easily teach you technique. Your catch will be cleaned and filleted, ready to transport home. Anglers will need to purchase a fishing license from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for the number of days they wish to fish.


Get out on Otter Lake, Weasel Lake and the clear water of Martin Lake, exploring coves with kayaks and canoes available for guests at the lodge. You can choose to kayak one portion of the day, view bears from a boat and fish all in one day. We encourage you to make the most out of your adventure with us!

Fly Out Alaska Excursions (Additional charges apply)


Take off on a floatplane from the lodge, landing in the Double Glacier area for a 4-hour guided hiking tour. Several hikes are available to choose from. It’s really all about what suits you best. This is one of our add on excursions and it includes epic views of deep blue glacial lakes next to Double Glacier. When you hike above the tree line you can see across Cook Inlet. The hikes include upper lake, lower lake and a waterfall view.


Experience breathtaking views in Lake Clark National Park with our one-hour floatplane tour. You’ll automatically enjoy a beautiful flight to get to our lodge whether your departure originates from Anchorage or the Kenai Peninsula, but for the full sightseeing tour we recommend this add on excursion for the additional opportunity to see glaciers and wildlife in Alaska’s untamed wilderness. Guests can also opt to fly out to Dick Proenneke’s historic cabin for a visit.

Fly Out Fishing

Join our guides on a fly-out fishing trip in Lake Clark National Park for some of the most productive fishing in Alaska. We offer a number of fishing destinations aside from our home base. There is an additional fee to add fly out fishing. Fishing the lakes and rivers accessible from the lodge is included in your stay.

Alaska excursions offer a mix of thrilling activities for all adventure enthusiasts. Witness brown bears up close during bear-viewing tours, explore the rugged wilderness on hikes, paddle through serene lakes with kayaking, and enjoy panoramic views from above with scenic flightseeing. For those who love fishing, there’s the opportunity to reel in the rich bounty of Alaska’s waters. Whether you’re into wildlife encounters or enjoying the great outdoors, these excursions ensure a memorable visit to Redoubt Bay Lodge.

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