Hiking Alaska is not just about the physical challenge; it is an exploration of Alaska’s vast wilderness, where every trail reveals breathtaking views. It’s also an opportunity to witness the untamed wildlife that calls Lake Clark National Park home. The lodge overlooking Otter Lakes is thickly surrounded by brush and dense cover so we do not allow guests to take off on hikes straight from the lodge. We offer day hikes as an add on excursion where you’ll be flown to a couple of optional destinations that fall above the tree lines offering long distance views for enjoyment as well as bear safety.

hiking alaskaHiking Alaska with Redoubt Bay Lodge

Elevate your Alaskan adventure with our exclusive add-on excursion: Floatplane Day Hiking in Lake Clark Pass. This tour is a photographer or botanist’s delight. Take off on a floatplane from the lodge, landing in the Double Glacier area for a 4-hour guided hiking tour. We offer three options for this day hike. You can choose the hike down to Blue Lake, Fantasy Lake or to Black and Tan Glacier. Whether you prefer hiking and exploration or are simply looking to unwind while soaking in the vistas, this experience promises an unforgettable journey into the scenic wonders of Lake Clark National Park. Experience the rugged beauty of the Last Frontier by hiking Alaska with our skilled guides.

Floatplane Day Hike in Lake Clark Pass

($950 per person. Minimum of 2 People)

Suggested Equipment for Hiking Alaska 

We supply packs, water bottles, and first aid essentials, and suggest you bring:

  • Durable, well-worn, and comfortable hiking shoes.
  • Layered clothing for adaptable comfort.
  • Long pants for added protection.

Hiking in Alaska offers a mesmerizing adventure through diverse landscapes, from boreal forests to glacial valleys. Traverse scenic trails, encounter wildlife, and witness the pristine beauty of The Great Land.  There are so many fun things to do while you’re here. Contact us and let’s start planning your trip.