Planning an Alaska Trip: Getting Here!

planning alaska tripVisiting Redoubt Bay from Anchorage

Planning an Alaska trip to a remote wilderness lodge requires arranging transportation to reach the secluded location. Visiting Redoubt Bay Lodge from Anchorage requires a scenic 50-minute flight each way. From North Kenai it is only 20 minutes by air and you’ll also have the chance to view a glacier on your return flight back to the Kenai Peninsula. We’ve streamlined the travel arrangement process, ensuring that it’s convenient and effortless for our visitors. Just give us a call and we will walk you through the easy steps.

Visiting Redoubt Bay from the Kenai Peninsula

If your visit to Redoubt Bay Lodge is originating from the Kenai Peninsula, we will make flight arrangements with our sister company, Alaska West Air. All of our aircraft operate on floats making them well-suited for accessing remote wilderness areas and lakes. These floats are pontoons attached to its underside, allowing it to land and take off from bodies of water with ease. Each aircraft has a proven track record of safety and reliability, meeting stringent aviation standards and regulations to ensure the safety of passengers and crew. It is all part of the adventure.

At Alaska West Air, We Operate the Following Float Planes:

  • DeHavilland Otters
    The DeHavilland Otter typically accommodates up to 10 passengers, making it ideal for small group excursions or transportation.
  • Turbine Beaver
    The Turbine Beaver can fly up to 8 passengers, working well for small to medium group travel.
  • DeHavilland Beavers
    The DeHavilland Beaver typically accommodates up to 6 passengers, making it well-suited for smaller group expeditions or transportation needs.

At Alaska West Air, We Operate the Following Wheel planes:

  • Cessna 206s
    The Cessna 206 typically fly up to 5 passengers,
  • Bush Hawk
    The Bush Hawk typically accommodates up to 4 passengers,
  • Super Cubs
    Super Cubs typically hold 1 passenger.

Floatplane Trip Advice

For a comfortable floatplane ride with the opportunity to capture stunning landscape photos, here are some tips to consider. Firstly, dress comfortably and in layers to adapt to changing temperatures during the flight. Additionally, consider wearing a hat and sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun’s glare. Sit towards the front of the aircraft for the smoothest ride and optimal views. Keep your camera readily accessible and ensure its fully charged with ample storage space for photos. Use a polarizing filter to reduce glare and enhance colors in your photos. Finally, communicate with your pilot about your desire to take photos, and they may be able to provide guidance on the best angles and timings for capturing breathtaking shots of Alaska’s majestic landscapes from above.

Planning an Alaska trip to a remote wilderness lodge is an adventure of a lifetime, allowing you to experience the rugged and untamed wilderness of the Last Frontier firsthand and getting to Redoubt Bay Lodge will be a comfortable, safe and enjoyable experience for all of our guests.

We will provide detailed transportation information at the time of booking.