Our Alaska fishing lodge caters to anglers of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. Redoubt Bay Lodge, situated on Otter Lake, is a dream destination for fishermen. Our home water boasts some of the best sockeye and coho salmon fishing on the west side of the Cook Inlet. Thanks to our close proximity to the ocean only 7 miles away, we have an early and abundant run of sockeye and then by the third week of July the coho arrive. Fishing on Otter Lake at Wolverine Creek can be enjoyed as a half day excursion with a fly-out from Anchorage or the Kenai area. Overnight guests of the lodge can choose to spend most of their time with us fishing or they can mix it up with sightseeing, kayaking, photography and bear viewing.

Sockeye usually arrive in the front yard of our Alaska fishing lodge in early June and then coho show around the 20th of July. With these healthy runs of salmon in tact, the daily catch limit per angler for each coho or sockeye is typically set at three per day. For the timing when sockeye and coho are both present in the system, the daily angler salmon limit remains at 3 with whatever mix of species you land and keep total in your possession.

Alaska fishing lodgeAlaska Fishing Lodge: Fishing at Big River Lakes

Sockeye salmon, also called “reds”, are known for their strength and stamina. Sockeye put up a spirited fight when hooked. Anglers target sockeye in freshwater rivers and lakes during their spawning runs. These sockeye congregate at the confluence of Wolverine Creek where it meets Otter Lake as well as in front of various waterfalls around the lake. This brings both bears and anglers to fish. Sight casting to sockeye is a hoot, doable because they are piled in thick! For those staying overnight with us there is fishable water throughout the Big River Lakes system we can access.

Your guide will clean and fillet your salmon and we’ll freeze them here at our Alaska fishing lodge in anticipation of you taking them home. For day trip fishing guests, you’ll take home your cleaned and filleted salmon and will arrange for vacuum sealing and flash freezing in Anchorage or the Kenai Peninsula. We can suggest a seafood processor to provide this service, if you like.

Coho, also known as “silver salmon,” are known for their strong fights and energetic behavior when hooked. They are often more aggressive than sockeye, which tend to put up a strong fight but may not exhibit as much aerial behavior. Otter Lake is also home to trout. Fishing the lakes and rivers accessible from the lodge is included in your stay.

For a more thrilling and targeted fishing experience, we offer an add-on excursion of a floatplane trip to some of the most productive waters in the South Central Region. Whether you’re seeking to reel in salmon, lake trout, grayling, or pike, our expert guides will tailor the trip ensuring an unforgettable fishing adventure.

Additional Guided Fly-Out Fishing (Price dependent on destination. 3 Person Minimum.)

Contact us to plan your itinerary!

Several different fly out fishing locations are available for sockeye or silver salmon depending on season, runs and current ADF&G regulations. Our experienced guides are adept at instructing anglers of all skill levels, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the Alaska fishing adventure they’ve always envisioned. Give us a call to talk about the type of add on fly out fishing you would like to experience and we will make suggestions based on time of year you’re visiting and get you underway planning your Alaska trip.

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