Kayaks and Canoes for Lodge Guests to Enjoy: Easy Kayaking in our Home Lake

Alaska kayaking is available for all skill levels of paddlers around the state, with options ranging from tranquil coves to challenging ice-filled waters. Alaska’s diverse waterways make it a premier destination for kayaking enthusiasts, offering a blend of stunning scenery, wildlife encounters, and challenging paddling experiences. If you are looking for a mellow kayaking experience, you’ll love paddling around Otter Lake and the surrounding lakes.

Join us for the adventure of Alaska kayaking. Kayaks and canoes are available for guests of the lodge. Check out the meandering coves of Otter Lakes. Spend a few minutes or all day exploring the famous Big River Lakes area.

Alaska kayakingExplore Big River Lakes

For beginners eager to explore the wonders of Alaska kayaking and canoeing, the pristine waters of the Big River Lakes system provide an ideal setting. Surrounded by mountains and wilderness, the area is home to a robust brown bear population. The lakes witness notable runs of sockeye and silver salmon, making it a popular spot for anglers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Each watercraft offers a unique experience. Kayaking, with its narrow boat and double-bladed paddle, provides an agile connection with nature, perfect for exploring coves. Canoeing, featuring an open boat and a single-bladed paddle, offers a spacious and versatile option for a leisurely paddle. Both activities cater to different preferences and skill levels, inviting adventurers to explore Alaska’s waters in their chosen style. Beginners can start in the calm waters of Otter Lakes right from our lodge to build essential skills and confidence. And if you are an experienced kayaker you’ll it will be easy for you to sit back and appreciate the tranquility and beauty of our area.

Prepare for your Alaska Kayaking Adventure

Embarking on an Alaska kayaking adventure requires some preparation. For those new to the activity, safety is paramount—always wear a life jacket and familiarize yourself with water safety guidelines. Be prepared to dress in layers to adapt to Alaska’s ever-changing weather, and be mindful of the water temperature. Respect wildlife and the pristine environment as you paddle through the breathtaking beauty of Alaska. With the right precautions and a sense of adventure, Alaska kayaking promises unforgettable memories. 


Kayaking is included as one of the adventures for guests who stay with us overnight or for up to several days.